Whoever said watching television is bad for your health, you might want to retract that statement!

Photo: Comic Vine
Photo: Comic Vine

Dr. Juergen Schaefer, a doctor in Germany, has saved a man’s life thanks to the help of Hugh Laurie’s US TV show House! His patient, a German man with severe heart failure, blindness, fever, deafness, and enlarged lymph nodes, went to a medical centre for undiagnosed diseases and struggled to understand his unexplained condition as he was desperate to be treated by the best.

The 55-year-old man’s worsening condition had puzzled other doctors but not, Dr. Juergen Schaefer! Oh no, not this man! This man diagnosed his patient within five minutes! Dr. Schaefer didn’t rely on  medical textbooks to make his correct diagnosis, instead he used his memory of popular U.S. television show House.

The German man’s case reminded Dr. Schaefer of an episode on House in which a woman comes in suffering from heart failure to find out she actually had cobalt poisoning from her hip join replacement. The unidentified man, as it turns out, had cobalt poisoning from his hip joint replacement as well.

Not just a House fan, Dr. Schaefer actually teaches his medical students using House as a way to explain rare medical conditions and diseases. The doctor also wrote a book on how to apply House the fictional television show to real life medical practice. The book is titled Housemedizin: Die Dianosen von “Dr. House.”