Photo: Rhondaayliffe
Photo: Rhondaayliffe

When you’re desperate, you can result to doing some pretty unusual things, and no one does it better than the Japanese.

Many students in Japan preparing to sit for their important college admission exams were given koala poop as a gift. Unique or gross?

Koala poop is said to bring good luck and is given to students to give them an extra boost during their exams. The Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya handed out the uncommon good luck charm to students, along with a little hand-written note. In less than 10 minutes, the lucky faeces were all snapped up!

If you’re wondering why koala poop, it turns out that it has to do with a koala’s natural ability to hang onto trees for over 20 hours at a time without letting go. Hence, the Japanese believe that this dedication and persistence can rub off on you, along with the awful smell.

Yeah, it sounds pretty ludicrous, but when we were students, anything that people say would help us in our exams would immediately be exceptional. Koala poop is better than nothing, right?

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