Photo: Elite Daily
Photo: Elite Daily

It has long been suspected that women often often play down the number of sex partners they’ve had when talking to a new flame, while men will bump their numbers up to maintain their ego.

Some even say that a woman divides the total of her sexual partners by three, and men on the other hand, multiply their number by three.

Now, a new study confirms those claims as it reveals that the most common lie told by women when they enter a new relationship is in fact, about reducing the number of sex partners they’ve had in bed.

More than half of the women who took part in the survey confessed they had lied about their sex partner tally.

The survey polled 1,362 women aged 18 to 30 and asked what lies they have most commonly told when in a relationship. For some of these lies told, the reason behind it was to protect the new partner’s ego or feelings.

But, come on, women can’t be that selfless in their lies all the time. The survey also found that 55% of women admitted that they lie to their partners to make them like themselves more.

These lies include the amount they spend on shopping, their career, financial situation, breast size and weight.

Ironically, 63% of these women also agreed that lies led to arguments in relationships.

55% of women said they would be upset if they were being lied to by their partner, while 21% said they would be angry.

Finally, an unforgiving 13% said that finding out their partner had lied to them would make them stop trusting their partner.

Bobbie Malpass, editor of who conducted the study, commented on the findings:

“I am so surprised that the most common thing women lie about is the number of previous partners they’ve had.

“You hear all the time that the key to a healthy relationship is honesty and trust, but clearly people aren’t abiding by that.

“If you don’t want to open up about that sort of thing, just don’t mention it at all!”

Care to share if you’ve been guilty of this as well, dear readers? 😉