Photo: Zayn Malik

The Story Of My Life singers, One Direction, had just made headlines not too long ago at the 2014 Brit Awards, with their Global Success Award for the second year in a row! So, what are they up to now? No, not to worry Directioners‘, no one is getting married just yet.
Photo: Zayn Malik’s New Ink

One-fifth of the British heartthrob supergroup, Zayn Malik, recently went on Instagram to share his latest ink design, an intricate floral pattern on his wrist. “So many tattoos and here’s the newest addition to the collection,” he captioned the photo.

It’s pretty obvious that the British boy band is addicted to tattooing, minus Niall Horan, of course. Each of them have numerous works of art all over their well-sculptured bodies. It’s becoming harder to keep track of exactly how many they already have, not mentioning the ones we might not even know of.