Was Justin Bieber out of line on the night he was booked for allegedly driving while intoxicated in Miami?

Photo: E Online
Photo: E Online

Miami State’s Attorney’s Office has released roughly nine hours worth of video footage taken around the time of the Canadian pop star’s arrest, a few minutes of which shows Biebs taking a sobriety test while in custody following his January 23rd arrest.

Justin and pal Khalil Sharieff, who was also arrested for alleged DUI, are seen talking to an authority figure after being taken into custody. They then talk to each other for a bit and at one point, Justin does some push-ups. Do note that the footage contains no audio.

About 30 minutes later, Justin spends about half a minute walking one way in a straight line, then walking back the way he came. Upon turning around, he stumbles slightly. 30 seconds after that, the police have him do it again on a marked white line, and he lingers over his first step, then steps off the line once before proceeding to walk.

After that’s over, Justin stands around waiting while Khalil sits on a chair in the same room. In some other parts of the video, Bieber is seen pacing around holding his cell. Footage of him using the loo at any point in the cell was redacted from the DVD.

The Broken singer pleaded not guilty to DUI, reckless driving and driving with an expired license.