Photo: telegraph.co.uk

The trial of the century is back! The South African amputee track star Oscar Pistorius, who killed his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on the dawn of Valentine’s Day last year is back on the stand for the second round of trial.

Also known as the Blade Runner, Pistorius vomited in the dock and retched repeatedly and loudly at his murder trial on Monday as he heard graphic details of the injuries sustained by the girlfriend he shot, including a head wound that was probably instantly fatal according to the pathologist who performed her autopsy.

Photo: Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp was shot with bullets designed to expand on impact and cause maximum damage, Prof. Gert Saayman testified after he identified the type of bullet from fragments in Steenkamp’s skull.

The double-amputee runner, hunched over on a bench, vomited when he heard the description of Steenkamp’s wounds, prompting Judge Thokozile Masipa to briefly halt the testimony to ask chief defence lawyer Barry Roux to attend to his client. The judge also asked whether Pistorius was able to understand the proceedings. Roux said Pistorius’s reaction was not going to change. A bucket was placed at his feet.