Now, you wouldn’t want to piss Lindsay Lohan off after reading this.

Photo via Youtube
Photo via Youtube

The 27-year-old star is on the warpath! Lindsay appeared on Billy Eichner’s Fuse TV show Billy on the Street on Wednesday, and the fast friends quickly realised they have a lot in common.

“We’re both from New York, we both have freckles in places we’d probably rather not have them…and most importantly, we are huge fans of the TV show How I Met Your Mother, which is now ending after only nine seasons,” Eichner told the camera crew, using his signature rapid-fire shout. “I’m so angry about it I can’t even function!”

“It’s actually my favorite show. I’m really f–king pissed,” Lohan said in agreement. “It’s too soon!”

In order to release their anger and frustration, Eichner asked the Parent Trap actress to help him ruin a car that had been “decked out with pictures of the cast and catch phrases from the show that we enjoy.”

Different parts of the vehicles were assigned with different values and once it was completely destroyed, Eichner said they would write a check in that amount to The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik, “just to spite the cast of How I Met Your Mother and say, ‘Hey, cast of How I Met Your Mother, f–k you! How dare you?'”

Lolan broke a window and shouted, “F**k you, Jason Segel I’m tired of seeing your penis in every movie!” Eichner riffed off his new gal pal and screamed, “Alyson Hannigan is the only person I can relate to!”

Lohan then referenced the 2005 Disney movie in which she played a third-generation member of a Nascar family. “I should have done this to Herbie Fully Loaded when he abandoned me!” she yelled.

In the end, they cut Bialik a check for $500. “Thank you so much for letting me help you, Billy,” Lohan told the comedian, who has a recurring guest starring role on Parks and Recreation. “I needed that.”

Watch Lohan and Eichner destroy the car here.