Photo: via i1.ytimg.com

Miley strikes again! Miss Cyrus was in Atlanta performing at the Philips Arena, she was caught striking a very sexy and provocative pose mid-concert.

So, while she was performing her Bangerz hits, the 21-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer laid on her back on the hood of a car with her crotch to the audience, stuck her right leg straight in the air and held her microphone to her vagina, which was barely covered by her marijuana-printed leotard! The pose was pretty shocking compared to her grinding she did with Robin Thicke.

Photo: via 1.vsr.vz.tl

Miley has become quite known for her racy on stage concert moves. She’s previously motor boated the cleavage of her dancer pal Amazon Ashley and has also spanked her booty many times mid-show.