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Photo: Sekinchan

Ever thought of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to a place where almost in the middle of nowhere, vast expanses of paddy fields bordering a stretch of fishing villages? A day trip to Sekinchan is in order! Sekinchan is a small, cosy farming and fishing village that’s located in Selangor. It is well known for its mechanised farming methods and high yield of rice. So, what are the must do’s? Here’s a list of activities that Sekinchan is known for.

Wide View Of Paddy Field

Photo: Paddy Field

Just by looking at the picture doesn’t it takes your breath away? Its so peaceful and green. The months of March and September are the rice transplanting period and the view of the paddy field is a vivid green making it picture perfect. During the harvest season, June and December, the paddy fields take on a  golden yellow colour.

Calm and Busy Fishing Village

Photo: Fishing Village

Way before the paddy plantation was the highlight of Sekinchan, the villagers were more active in fishing activities and they still are. The fishing village is called Bagan and is just a stone throw away from the town. The fishermen head out to sea in the wee hours of the morning around 4-5am and the get back around 5pm with fresh catches of the day.

Amazing Migratory Bird Watching

Photo: Bird Watching

Our country is know as one of the best destination for tropical rainforest bird life and it still is. Sekinchan is a great place for birds spotting especially for migratory birds watching. You’ll be mesmerised by the variety of birds you get to encounter.

Windy Beach with the Beautiful Sunset

Photo: Beach Sunset

If you’re someone who loves the sound of waves crashing on the beach, sand between your toes and the wind in your face, head on down to Redang Beach. A small beach in the coastal area, Redang Beach Sekinchan is the best place to see the sunset.

Fresh Fruits 

Photo: Fresh Fruits

Besides the paddy field and the fishing village, Sekinchan is also famous for its many fruit orchards. Sekinchan which literally means “village suitable for plantation” in Chinese, definitely lives up to its name because these sweet and juicy fruits are simply mouth-watering especially on a hot day. Be sure to bring home some of these yummy yet healthy produce.

Fresh Seafood


You don’t have to travel so far for fresh seafood. Sekinchan has it all! The restaurants here at Sekinchan serve delicious home made fare at an affordable price as the concept of the restaurants is based on the atmosphere of a home-cooked family meal.

Ear Deworming

Photo: Ear Deworming

Last but not least, end your trip with an ear deworming therapy. Yup, strange but true! Offered at a minimal price of RM15, it is said to help relieve skin irritations, sinus, headaches and toothaches. So to start it off, a man will place a one-feet tall cone on each plate that holds a funnel at the end for patrons to stick into their ears. At the end of the 10-minutes therapy, you’ll be shock with the outcome!