Now, who says we don’t have good looking and witty Malaysian men! We have searched high and low and we’ve short listed some of the most charming, good looking, career driven and passionate men in our homeland.


Name: Nicholas Mak

Age: 26

Occupation: Model, Photographer, Art Director

This week, as’s first Hot Malaysian Man, we have the edgy and fashionable host, model and art director as well as professional photographer, Nicholas Mak.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do etc. 

Well I am 26-years-old and I love fashion more than your typical guy friends would. I love dogs and I once touched a Manta Ray. Also, I enjoy having pancakes for dinner, pancakes with butter and maple syrup. I have a lot of tattoos so I would described my body to consists of 60% blood and 40% ink. Cockroaches scare the crap out of me but I used to have a python named Beezlebob. I would like to say that I am a fun person but most of the time, I have my chronic stuck up face on. Last but not least, whenever I speak to pretentious people, I make stuff and names up to see if they agree with me. I joke about it with my friends after.

2. What tickles your fancy?

Hmmm…Lingerie…it always works.

3. What makes you want to get it on?

For some weird reason, Lana Del Rey’s music always gets me on.

Photo: Nicholas Mak

4. What do you think of the men’s fashion scene in KL of late?

Men’s fashion in KL has been picking up of late. More guys are starting to put effort in their looks and grooming. I truly feel like Instagram has made an impact on this matter. I have faith in our men. It is a small group, it will take time but it is far from dead. If you are a girl (or guy) reading this and IF you want your man or your friend to dress up better, you should set the first example! Here’s a tip, compliment the lad if he puts in the effort to dress up, tell him he looks sexy, smells nice or his hair looks good. Men love compliments just as much as girls do. It goes a long way. Trust me.

5. What do you love most about a girl’s sense of style?

It is hard for me to answer this question as I am in the creative and fashion industry. I like to think there is no such thing as a guy’s or girl’s sense of style. I can style a girl’s outfit if she allows me to ransack her wardrobe. Does not necessarily mean I cross dress. Do I make sense? I hope I do.

Photo: Nicholas Mak

6. Tell us a little bit about your tattoos. Which is your favourite?

Got my first ink when I was 18-years-old. The day I was legal, I visited a tattoo studio and got my first tattoo on my upper back that says “Only God Can Judge Me” (no it’s not from Miley Cyrus..good God!) . I currently have fourteen tattoos and no, I am not covered. I have plenty of space left and yes I plan to cover my whole body except for my face. Why tattoos? Cliche to say but it is a journal for me. I carry around reminders everywhere I go. The day I tattooed my forearms was the day I decided I will never want to work in a corporate office going in circles running the rat race. My passion is photography and fashion and I will pursue it no matter what it takes. My favourite tattoo? Oh this is a hard one. I love each and every one of it. I don’t think I have a favourite piece.

7. What is it about a girl you love the most?

Her eyes. Everything for me is about her eyes.

Photo: Nicholas Mak

8. Who would you rather have drive you around – Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus?

Nicki Minaj for sure!! Homegirl is dope! I used to love her rap before she became Nicki Minaj. She was proper hip hop.

9. What is your favourite position?

CEO! Hahaha!

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in London and Paris for fashion week with my crew carrying my camera running around from show to show, all inked up chilling with Jimmy Q, discussing bespoke designs with Joshua Kane and Hur Min.

Photo: Nicholas Mak

Stalk him on Instagram or admire his work on Stay Gold Images for more.