Name: Joshua Desmond

Age: 28

Occupation: PR Consultant, Musician

This week, we have the suave and fashionable musician, as well as public relations consultant, Joshua Desmond.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do etc.

I’m 28 this year. A musician and PR consultant. I love music, bikes, shoes, fashion, tattoos and Star Wars very much.  My two favourite super heroes are Batman and Iron Man. Why not? They’re both billionaire playboys. I hate cockroaches but that hate is only surpassed by my hate for drivers who don’t use their left and right indicators. I once flipped a total stranger’s car with my friends during Chinese New Year  because we were bored but don’t worry, CARma got us good. My best weekends are the ones spent with my family, especially my nephews and niece. If you like people watching over a cup of coffee, you and I can be very good friends.

2. What tickles your fancy?

Short skirts. Them legs I tell you.


3. What makes you want to get it on?

The sound of a superbike engine. So sexy.

4. What do you think of the music scene in KL of late?

The KL scene is awesome. There’s so much talent here and over the years, these musicians have upped their game and a lot of attention is paid to quality and musicianship. More artists are pushing the envelope with their sound, taking chances and experimenting and I think this is good because it motivates their peers to push themselves too. Thanks to the likes of Yuna and Zee Avi, the music scene here is getting the attention it deserves. Support is growing and I believe, as long as we work together instead of competing with one another, it can only get better. I’m excited to see the progress. Been to a few shows lately and I am loving what I heard.

Josh35. What do you love most about a girl’s sense of style?

I like a girl who knows what works on her. From the fit to the accessories to the shoes. The clothes don’t wear her. She wears them.

6. Tell us a little bit about your tattoos. Which is your favourite?

I have only the one sleeve on my left arm. I got it three years ago and although I’m sure I’ll be getting A LOT more, this will always be my favourite and most significant piece. It’s a piece that represents me going through a rough patch and coming out on top with the love and support of my family and friends. I have a few designs in mind and I can’t wait to get them inked. Gonna go a little crazy this year.


7. What is about a girl you love the most?

Her hair. If it’s long and wavy, you got my attention.

8. Who would you rather have drive you around – Taylor Swift or Lorde?

Lorde for sure. Never was a Swift fan to begin with.


9. If you could be an ice cream flavour, what will that be and why?

Never really thought of this one but knowing my friends, they’d all say dark chocolate. Emphasis on the word ‘Dark’. But I’d like to say topped with caramel.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

There’s a number of things I could be doing in five years but number one on my list is definitely touring the world with my band.