Step back, the parents are here to takeover!

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Imagine this, you take a selfie of you and your other half and right out of nowhere you see your parents doing the exact same pose, put on the exact same clothes right down to the small little details like the placement of a tattoo if you have one that is.

Meet twenty-year-old Josh Anderson who posted a selfie with his friend Sammy on Facebook recently, as a teenager would do. His dad Peri saw the photo and had a magical idea: to recreate it with his wife, Josh’s step-mom, Deborah. Right down to the replicated flower tattoo, everything was pretty spot on.

After the image went viral on Imgur and Reddit, Josh’s dad told The Huffington Post that no one was hurt (er, embarrassed) in the making of this selfie. “Both [Josh] and Sammy thought it was very funny, and they didn’t have any reason to be mad or upset as they know my sense of humor and knew that it was done in a loving manner.”

We find this pretty cool and amusing!