We just can’t get enough of Coachella!


It’s okay if you didn’t attend one of the most epic music festival ever, neither did we. The festival is not only known for its awesome line-up but its also a place where style and trends plays a huge part. And since Coachella is a prime spot for spotting celebs, and festival style, we’ve compiled a list of best and of course worst looks ever by our favourite celebrities.

Best Dressed

Photo: via coastal.com

Kendall Jenner

We love how the reality star/model paired her cowgirl look with a white floor-length coat. The aviators definitely completes the whole look!

Photo: via blogvedete.com

Vanessa Hudgens

The High School Musical actress looks incredible and super festive in this one-piece kaftan. From the colours to her accessories! Love, love,love!

Photo: via we-heart-fashion.com

Rita Ora

The English singer oozes so much style and swag with this look. We love how she can pull off just about anything and look absolutely phenomenal.

Photo: via googleusercontent.com

 Nicky Hilton

Simple yet chic. We are loving the all blue look. Nicky gets top points from us!


Alexa Chung

We love how simple and casual both looks are. The best part about it, it looks chic and fashionable. Alexa proves that you don’t need to accessorise to look good.

Worst Dressed

Photo: via mstarz.com

Kylie Jenner

We were not a big fan of her black pouch. Maybe cause it reminds us of a wet market salesperson, I think it’s an Asian mindset. And the two-piece attire she’s wearing doesn’t do her justice at all.

Photo: via tcmwebcorp.com

Katy Perry

The ‘Dark Horse’ singer looks pretty bad and frumpy in this two-piece flowery blue attire. She looks like she literally just rolled out from bed and decided to wear something super comfy and head out. At first, we couldn’t even recognise her.

Photo: via styledemocracy.com

Paris Hilton

The Simple Life actress/heiress looks like she just came back from a day out in the sea fishing. We are not a fan of the fact that we can literally see her black undies and out-of-nowhere black leather tube. The whole look is just pretty odd.


Selena Gomez

This was a tough one, cause a few of us love the look but some didn’t. So, we decided that this look falls into the worst dress list. Okay, this is why –first of all, the white shorts looks like diapers and we think she’s too short to pull off this much lace. She look like she is either wearing a lace curtain or a table cloth.

Are there any of your favourite celebs that we’ve missed out? If there is, do share with us!