Photo: Huffington Post
Photo: Huffington Post

In a fervent attempt to impress college admissions officers, one student’s essay about ramen noodles earned him a place at The University of Rochester.

The essay, written by a high school senior named Wang, is an unapologetic and wistful tribute to his favourite food.

Wang, who originates from Fuzhou, China, reportedly posted his acceptance letter to a social networking site, Sina Weibo.

In the letter, The University of Rochester specifically commended the applicant on his unabashed enthusiasm for the popular noodle dish.

Here is an excerpt from the acceptance letter:

Our emphasis on freedom makes us unlike other colleges, so the committee and I reviewed your application for much more than grades and scores.

I’m glad to know you’re ready to embrace your independence, delve deeper into your interests, and study what you love.

Each Rochester student makes a critical, personal contribution to campus from day one. The counselors recommended that you be admitted in part after reading about your enthusiasm for Ramen noodles. The committee and I are confident you will both stand out and grow stronger as part of the Rochester family.

Who would have known that writing about ramen can get you into college?

Congratulations, Wang, for joining the class of 2018!