We get it, wailing babies can be pretty frustrating and all you just want are for them to stop crying especially on air planes or in a fancy restaurant.

Photo: via dailymail.co.uk

But the newborn ward of a hospital is one place where newborn are allowed to cry and get upset whenever and should be attended to with love and care. That’s sadly not the case in one of  the hospitals in the Philippines. One rightfully-angry father posted a picture of his 5-day-old son who had his mouth taped shut by a nurse.

According to Ryan Noval, his son Yohannes had been treated this way by a nurse who insisted that the young boy — whose diaper was wet and unchanged — was making too much noise… even for a newborn.

Ryan wrote about his and his wife Jasmine’s reaction to the incident on Facebook: ‘ This is not even close to being professional or humane. Jasmine immediately asked the attending nurse ‘why is there tape over his mouth?’ and the reply she got from the nurse was ‘your baby was TOO NOISY (crying) so I put that over his mouth.’