The more sexual partners you have, the higher the risk of you catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Photo via Huffington Post
Photo via Huffington Post

There are many reasons why people have a lot of sexual partners and with the hook up culture that seems to be a popular trend these days, it is really not surprising that people are having multiple sex partners at the same time. As fun and as thrilling as it can be to have multiple sex partners, it is also dangerous.

If you are having sex with a few different partners, here are some things you need to know:

1. Practice safe sex. Always use a condom.

2. If you are having sex with a few different partners, only one of them needs to be infected with an STD for it to be passed between everyone. People tend to have sex with each other without asking about each other’s backgrounds, especially flings, but remember you cannot tell if someone has an infection just by looking at them or at their behaviour so practice safe sex.

3. You could get pregnant and not know who the father is. Also, even if you do know, it does not mean that he will want to have anything to do with it.

4. If you see signs of genital warts, including blisters, sores, or itching, avoid sexual activity and get checked.

5. Avoid or reduce your alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol reduces your self consciousness and when you are  incapacitated anyone can then take advantage of you and you will have no way of knowing their sexual history or health status. You may not even know that you were raped if you black out completely. If you are going to drink, make sure you are out with friends who you trust so they can take care and protect you if you do get drunk.

6. Limit the amount of sexual partners you have.

7. Know what STDs are — what they  are, how they spread and how to get rid of an STD, just in case you catch one.

8. Get yourself tested frequently if you are at high risk. Even if you only have one sexual partner, get tested. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk, so in order to protect yourself, get tested.

Now, remember that abstinence is a valid choice. You should not let anyone make you feel pressured into having sex if you are not comfortable with it. But if you do decide to have sex, use condoms and limit the number of sexual partners you have.

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