Photo: News Fashionable
Photo: News Fashionable

Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss, recently discussed his laundry habits at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green Conference.

The conference, which challenges those highest on the corporate ladder to “take the corporate sustainability movement to the next level,” was the perfect opportunity for Bergh to showcase his brand’s fashionable take on living an eco-friendly lifestyle: “We are the ultimate in sustainable apparel,” Bergh said. “If you buy [our jeans] they will last a lot longer than most people’s waistlines will.”

Bergh also said he hasn’t washed his own jeans in over a year, heeding his own advice. While his statement is making headlines, the company has been living up to such practices since 2011. Levi’s began “featuring stone-washed denim smoothed with rocks but no water” in 2011, while also encouraging consumers to wash less, according to the New York Times.

Denim aficionados also suggested putting jeans in the freezer if they start smelling. A stylist and fashion consultant, Stacy London, has also suggested that a few washes per six months is probably the best.

Take up this challenge and let us know how this works out for you!