Looking for your very own secret hideout? Where you and your friends can sit back and relax over drinks? We’ve got the just place for you.


Picture this — a classy and elegant space, all decked out in solid wood, leather and crystal cut glass, pretty much like an affluent gentlemen’s club. Have we got your attention yet?


Tate’s entrance is deliberately inconspicuous – a simple concealed two-way door is only indicated by an unassuming top hat. As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a suit of amour which stands sentry facing the entrance. Designed with a masculine, old-world den in mind, the walls are lined with books, sporting accoutrements and vintage posters.


Over fifty premium pours populate their menu, with a clear highlight on single malt whiskys from the various regions of Scotland and a collection of whiskys. There spirits are presented alongside classic aperitifs, liqueurs, beer, wines and champagnes. Their creative cocktails list is a highlight not to be missed!


We had the chance to try out a couple of their signature cocktails and boy-oh-boy were they good!



To kick off the night we had one of  Tate’s signature concoction, the Firewood – it’s a blend of scotch, vermouth and caca, topped off with a flaming cinnamon stick. The drink is smooth and easy on the palette and the flaming cinnamon stick adds a whole new flavour profile to the drink. A definite must-try!

Que Sureau


Keeping the ball rolling, Que Sureau was next! This is by far the most refreshing cocktail we’ve tasted so far – a concoction of gin, elderflower, pineapple and dry vermouth. This is pretty much a lady’s kind of cocktail, light and easy on the palette.

Strega Bruciata


Next up! Just making this particular cocktail was a show by itself. The taste on the other hand was pretty close to a crème brûlée, its sweet with a hint of alcohol. The concoction is made of strega, lemon & egg white with an angostura bitter brûlée.

The next time you’re looking for a quiet, classy hangout with a selection of equally classy cocktails, head over to Tate at The Intermark.