It’s here and it’s better than ever!

Eager to find out who the first wave of performers for MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 are? YOU have all the power to reveal such crucial information for MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014. Join the people of MTV Asia for the debut of their Unlock #worldstagemy campaign and hashtag #worldstagemy in your tweets to raise the percentage of the bar to garner the information you want. Of course, the more you tweet, the high the percentage, the quicker we all get the information! 😉

Unlock #worlstagemy went live this morning at 10.00 and has already gotten an overwhelming response.

As of now, all we know is MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 will take place at Sunway Lagoon on August 16th 2014 (Saturday) at 7.30pm.

Want more information unlocked? Here’s what you can do:

  • Tweet piece of content with #worldstagemy to “unlock” announcement details around MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014. Information that will be revealed includes the event date, logo, and the first wave of artists.
  • Examples of topics you could tweet using the hashtag #worldstagemy are: When is the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 happening? What is this year’s logo? Who are the first wave of artistes performing this year?
  • As part of the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 unlocking mechanism, MTV Asia will be internationally amplifying the MTV hashtag vote to release information – #worldstagemy.
  • When fans hit the required percentage of tweets, each visual on the webpage will reveal important details about the concert.

You will also be able to track the progress on MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014′ at its teaser web landing page here. So hurry and get tweeting for all the deets!

Stay tuned for more!