Uh oh! It looks Instagram has a problem with big butts!

Photo via E! Online
Photo via E! Online

Singer-songwriter Meghan Tonjes posted a photo of her butt clad in some underwear to her profile only to have it removed by Instagram. Why? Well, according to them it violated their mature content rule. Tonjes however, thinks otherwise

Tonjes believes that the photo (shown below) was flagged because people were uncomfortable with the size of her butt.

Instagram eventually restored the photo and sent Meghan an apology but this was only after Meghan called out the company for removing the picture in the first place:

“Yo, @instagram. This is a body. I’d apologise if it makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t particularly care about your warped definition of nudity or mature content. Please let me know if when my genitals are completely covered and I’m not doing anything sexual, how much skin is allowed to be seen and how responsible I am for the sexual lust inspired in people who view said body. You created a platform for people to share the human experience through photos. Here’s the human experience.”

Why Tonjes was singled out, we will never know. But honestly, there is nothing wrong with being proud of your body and if you want to post revealing photos on Instagram, that is your choice. Just let everyone be proud of their body and if you don’t like what you see, there is an unfollow button, you know?