Are you bold enough?

Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (Centre) welcomes the bold to experience the Guinness #madeofmore truck.

Earlier this month, the unveiling of the Guinness® #madeoftruck brought together working adults from all walks of life as they made the bold move to leave work on time. As an award for their boldness, Guinness® applauded them with a free pint from its Bold Truck which had the What Are You Made Of? challenge boldly displayed on it.

Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad said “The idea came from an insight that Malaysians typically do not leave work on time and tend to work late most days. Guinness® is a brand that inspirespeople to make bold choices, and this campaign is a reaffirmation of that principle. The decision to leave work on time is just one example of a bold move that our consumers make, and it shows that they are truly men and women who are ‘Made of More’.”

“It’s a campaign which resonates with our younger drinkers, those who understand that life is big and full of opportunities – that there’s so much out there they want to see and experience. It builds on our successful new packaging launch for Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout last year, which had a great reception with our younger consumers.”, he added.

The Guinness girls strike a pose at the Guinness #madeofmore truck
The Guinness girls strike a pose at the Guinness #madeofmore truck

The Made of More truck was located outside Malones in Sooka Sentral for the entire day to attract the attention of office workers and people around the area, sparking their curiosity as to what would happen at 17:59pm – Guinness® time. There was a countdown on the side of the truck together with the bold slogan, “What Are You Made Of?” that also caught the interest of a crowd of onlookers, some of whom were already waiting by mid-afternoon.

As the clock hit 17:59,  office workers, passers-by as well as invited guests witnessed the opening of the Guinness® Made of More truck — a portable ‘pop-up mobile pub’ complete with taps dispensing creamy Guinness® Draft opened up to reveal the bar hidden inside. Customers were served a cold pint of Guinness® as their reward for proving that they were Made of More by leaving work on time.

Andrew Lim, an office worker in one of the nearby buildings, was impressed with the reveal, “I had seen the Made of More truck when I went out for my lunch with some colleagues. We were curious to see what it was about. Normally I don’t leave work until at least 7.00pm, but the truck stayed in my mind all afternoon, so I decided to leave on time and come down to see what would happen. I was very glad I did!” he said while sipping his pint, “It’s really awesome that Guinness meets us at our workplace and I am delighted to claim my bold pint.”

Toast to the Bold!
Toast to the Bold!

Bruce Dallas, added, “Our tag line ‘What Are You Made Of?’ is in line with GUINNESS®’s new brand positioning – our “Made of More” campaign. We chose this because firstly, GUINNESS® itself is Made of More – the quality of our ingredients, the skill and dedication of our brewers, the smooth texture and distinctive flavour of GUINNESS® all set it apart from other beers. But it doesn’t end there; GUINNESS® drinkers are also ‘Made of More’ – they are bold and independent, they know what they want and they aren’t afraid to go get it.”

The Made of More truck is only the first stage in the Made of More campaign. Guinness® lovers can expect further exciting event and initiatives over the coming months that are crafted to celebrate and reward them.