You can always count on Ciate to come up with the most interesting manicure kits and after the caviar mani as well as fuzzy mani, we never expected them to surprise us anymore. But, well, you know, they did. When the Shell Manicure kit was out, I was super intrigued and had to get my hands on my own kit. Crushed seashells on my nails? Whoa! The Shell Manicure comes in three wearable colours – pink, white and grey. Let’s take a closer look at the kit!

ciate 1

The Shell Manicure kit comes with a Paint Pot, a little funnel, a set of instructions and of course, your crushed seashells. You’ll also notice that the kit comes in a pretty sturdy plastic packaging. Do NOT throw this out because you’ll need it for your manicure.

ciate 3

First, you’re supposed to paint a coat of regular nail polish on your nails and let it dry. Then, working with one finger at a time, paint on your second coat and quickly pour the crushed shells over your nail. Use your finger to press on the crushed shells to secure the bits into the polish. Finally, shake off any excess shells. You’re also supposed to work on the plastic packaging itself to avoid any mess and to ensure that it is easier for you to use the funnel when you’re done. After you’ve finished, lift up the plastic packaging, lightly tap on it to move all the excess shells to one corner, insert the funnel into the opening of the bottle, then gently tap so that the shells fall back into the bottle. The plastic packaging is supposed to help you avoid making a mess, but trust me, it happens anyway. You’ll have crushed seashells EVERYWHERE.

ciate 4

I suggest that you wait at least one hour before doing any vigorous movements with your hands because the crushed shells take time to set. Also, I really think that the crushed shells should come in a little glass jar with a wider opening as opposed to a nail polish bottle. When I first got my kit and unscrewed the top, the shells overflowed from the bottle onto the floor. Cleaning up wasn’t fun at all.

This Shell Manicure looks very pretty and I especially love the holographic reflective shine the shells give off. It’s fun and definitely one-of-a-kind. My Shell Manicure only lasted one day though. Considering that I use my hands a lot, I noticed the top layer of shells disappearing bit by bit throughout the day. It still looks pretty after all that fallout, but doesn’t look as shiny and glamorous as when I first put it on.

ciate 5

Overall, I’d say that I love textured effect and look of this unique Shell Manicure. However, it is too high-maintenance, messy, isn’t long-lasting and looks dull the very next day. This shell manicure is perfect for a special occasion when you want your pretty nails to be the star of the show, or as an accessory to complement your look. Having said that, you’d have the urge to remove it on the subsequent day, especially if you are OCD like I am.

Ciate Shell Manicure is available in three shades – Wish Upon A Star (Pink), Mermaid You Look (Grey), She Sells Sea Shells (Pearlescent White). This manicure kit is available at all Sephora outlets nationwide and retails for RM82.