Photo: E!
Photo: E! Online

Men of the Strip, E!’s reality movie event is happening this Sunday and girls, it’s going to be good! As with all things in life, alcohol makes everything more fun and enjoyable, so it’s best if you play this drinking game with all your friends.

The movie follows the men of the titular strip show as they hunt for a permanent home in Las Vegas. It has a love story, a ton of skin and words of wisdom such as “Gotta figure out if he’s a douchebag. Not just a douchebag, but a douchebag-douchebag. That means you’re an a–hole. He could be a cool douchebag.” Also, the strippers sing!

Basically, it’s everything Magic Mike hoped to be and more.

Male strippers and alcohol? Mmhmm, count us in!

Photo: E! Online
Photo: E! Online

Take One Sip Every Time:

Women wave dollar bills in the air

Someone calls someone else a “diva”

Someone says “bro”

Someone humps the ground and/or a chair

Take Two Sips Every Time:

There’s a close up of a butt

Someone name-drops “Money Mike”

One of the strippers grabs a girl’s boobs

The word “d–k” is censored

Take Three Sips Every Time:

You can’t tell what word is being censored

Kyle the Lady Killer’s Hot Brazillian Girlfriend calls him “Daddy”

Someone rips off their tank top

Someone talks about their dreams

Take a Shot Every Time:

Jeff Timmons mentions 98 Degrees

Someone cries

Someone talks about “female empowerment” or “Disneyland for women”

Someone says the word G-String

And Waterfall: Every time the celibate cowboy awkwardly rambles on and on about how much he either wants to or does not want to have sex. Drink until he’s finished talking.