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Our skin protects us from bacteria, virus, ultraviolet rays and other foreign objects that could harm the body. Its well-being radiates how we look and feel, inside and out. So, what really makes your skin healthy? Healthy skin is should be smooth and moisturised. Ultimately, healthy skin is a mirror of a healthy body.

Eucerin®, a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, raised awareness on skin diseases at the recent launch of its new product, Eucerin® Soothing Cream. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Leong Kin Fon from Hospital Kuala Lumpur shared about many different kinds of skin diseases and their causes. The launch also saw a forum on skin health which was held between a skin diseased patient, Dr. Leong, the President of Psoriasis Association of Malaysia – Mr. Eugene Cross as well as the Country Manager of Beiersdorf – Mr. Ng Hock Guan.

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The Eucerin® Soothing Cream provides longer relief of redness and itchiness for dry, irritable skin. It also offers a solution to not only reduce recurrence of skin inflammation, but also prolongs the non-inflamed phases in the cycle. With this cream, it first moisturises and replenishes the skin from the outside with Omega-6 fatty acids and Ceramides-3. The skin is then strengthened from within by the anti-inflammatory agent Licochlaclone, which reinforces the skin barrier. Ultimately, this leads to more calmed and soothed skin, hence reducing flare ups and prolonging the non-inflamed phase.

“Testing of the Eucerin® Soothing Cream on 25 children with dry, itchy and inflamed skin has shown remarkable results. The study revealed that after 2 weeks, skin dryness had reduced by 81%, scaling by 74%, itchiness by 86%, redness by 81% and tension by 89%. This proves that Eucerin® Soothing Cream is able to significantly improve skin condition after just 2 weeks of usage. Thus, Eucerin® Soothing Cream is clinically proven to reduce the recurrence of sensitive skin. This product is also suitable for babies and it is free of fragrances, colourants and parabens,” explained Mr. Ng.

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The event also kicked off the Eucerin® “Derms Recommended, Friends Shared” campaign. This campaign is aimed at helping raise the awareness of skin diseases. There will be live chat sessions with dermatologists, enabling sufferers to seek dermatology advice. For more details and schedules for the live chat sessions, you can log in to the Eucerin® Malaysia Facebook page. You can also look forward to winning prizes for sharing your product usage experience on the same Facebook page!

The Eucerin® Soothing Cream is priced at RM65 and is available at most leading pharmacies such as Guardian, Watson’s and Caring, as well as hospital retail pharmacies.