What could be better on a hot day out than a chilled bottled of pre-mixed cocktail with a lemon flavour.


GAB, Malaysia’s leading brewery, has launched the world’s No. 1 Ready-To-Drink beverage, Smirnoff Ice, a refreshing and crisp bottled cocktail that packs a punch.

Bruce Dallas-GABMarketingDirector

“Consumers are always looking for exciting new flavours. We are expanding our portfolio into the Ready-To-Drink category by bringing the world’s No. 1 most popular pre-mixed cocktail to Malaysians. Whether you are a happy-hour barfly or a casual clubber, Smirnoff Ice is ‘Exclusively for Everybody’,” said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of GAB.


To introduce Smirnoff Ice,  GAB threw a launch party that demonstrated the brand’s manifesto: a celebration of honest, effortless, good times. With a chilled out backyard barbecue themed, guest were treated with surprises throughout the night. Just when we though that was all, the party really levelled up to an indoor club pulsing to tunes from Darren Ashley and DJ trio Indiego & Co.


“With SMIRNOFF ICE awesome can happen to anyone and anywhere, be it at bars, brunches or barbecues,” said Bruce.