Before entering the steady zone with someone, you should really know them well enough to be certain whether or not they’re the right one for you. And also, if they are worth investing a lot of time and effort into. So, before going steady with somebody, you might want to look out for some of these warning signs because if they behave this way now, it can only get worse!


They’re manipulative – If they are constantly putting you through a guilt-trip, you might want to stay far, far away. I have seen loads of men and women doing this. They guilt their partners into doing things, guilt them into accepting things, and the list goes on. Manipulation is not just a sh-tty type of character to have. It’s also emotional abuse. Don’t be subjected to this kind of behaviour.

You make them happy. Only you. – This is also dangerous because, while it’s nice to have someone adore you, it’s also unhealthy for someone’s sole purpose in life is to revolve their life around you. If you’re mature enough to find happiness in yourself, you don’t need to find it in someone else.

They don’t get along with people – Do they always have something bad to say about someone? Do they see themselves as being above others? If they don’t treat their waiters with respect, you can bet your sweet a–, they won’t treat you with any either.

They have lack of self love – I think it is so important to love yourself before loving anyone else. If they don’t feel comfortable with themselves, a lot of problems can arise from it, especially when being in a relationship. For example, they can get really jealous and not the cute kind. The ugly kind.

They try to change you – When you fall in love with someone, it’s for a reason and it’s usually for who they are. But it’s a common thing for people to want to change you into who they want you to be, especially later on in a relationship. If they don’t embrace your faults and flaws, then they are not worth your time. Encouraging you to change for the better and trying to change you into something you are not is two totally different things.