Photo: Rolling Stone
Photo: Rolling Stone

Katy Perry has had her share of famous boyfriends and the 29-year-old singer tells Rolling Stone that non-famous guys may not be for her.

“I’ve done that before,” she mentions. “It’s not that they have to be famous, although there’s a level of understanding when they’re in the same business, you know?”

She adds, “They understand what it means when you’re tired from a show or the tour’s exhausting you or if an interview went wrong—they know all the ins and outs, so you can just walk in to the house with a certain face and they understand, you know? Rather than, like, having to explain everything and that takes two, three hours.”

Perry also talks about the lessons she has learned from her divorce with Russell Brand.

“Now I know—first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away,” she explains. “Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love. I went through my ‘return of Saturn,’ is what they call it.”

Also, on the topic of love, Perry has little to no admiration for fame and its effects.

“Fame is, I think, disgusting,” she shares. “And it’s really hard to separate your public life from your personal life.”

She adds, “I only ever just wanted to make music and be on stage and play, and offer up my perception of how I view the world, through the songs that I write. But then there’s a lot of different things that come with it, and I call them trade-offs.”