You may wanna swipe right!


So, two weeks ago, Britney Spears got rid of her (former) boyfriend David Lucado, when rumours had it that he was being unfaithful to her. Which of course means, Britney is single, “loves her Pringles,” and ready to mingle, according to Jimmy Fallon and that’s according to Jimmy Fallon anyway.

When she made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show recently, Jimmy offered to get the beautiful blonde back in the game by signing her up on Tinder! According to Britney, this is because she wants to be in charge of finding her own partners as her father has been known to pick out a few in the past and look where all that ended up!

“She doesn’t have any girlfriends outside of her family and doesn’t have a group of friends she can go out with. It’s really a truly lonely life,” said a source. “Britney has told Jamie she won’t be going out with anyone he suggests. It’s really a sad situation.”

Well, if it was me… I would definitely be swiping right. How could one not want to date Britney Spears?