Last Friday evening, we attended the launch of the SK-II Pop-up Pitera House in Publika.


About Pitera House:

The first-ever Pitera House was inspired by SK-II’s latest study that revealed long-term users of the Essence who started in their 20s have better skin in their 30s and 40s. What’s more impressive is, 9 in 10 loyal users demonstrated better skin compared to non-users of the same age group while 7 in 10 users have better skin conditions when compared to non-users who were 10 years younger.


Starting earlier might be the key to achieving ageless skin but the study revealed that it is never too late to change your skin destiny. This was seen in women in their 50s and 60s who only started using the Facial Treatment Essence in their 40s but still displayed better skin conditions than non-users. The women in their 40s who started using the FTE showed no increase in major visible aging signs in their 50s. Is that brilliant or what?


What went down at the launch:

The evening kicked off with the usual speeches followed by a Q&A session with SK-II’s ambassadors, Fauziah Latiff, Carla Soong and Shir Chong who all have flawless skin despite being in different age groups!


Guests were then treated to a mini concert. Atilia Haron started the show with a tasteful jazz set followed by Daiyan Trishan and Fynn Jamal.


Inside the Pitera House, one can walk through the hallway and learn more about how the Japanese brand started, its first ambassador Kaori Momoi along with other fun facts. With the experts present in the pop-up house, one can check their real skin age and learn more about changing their skin destiny with using SK-II.


The first ever SK-II Pitera House is located at The Square, Publika Shopping Gallery from now till 14th October 2014.