Menard has the only authentic answer to cell regeneration: stem cells. Stem cell research indicates that stem cells act as the mother of all living cells as it has the latent capacity to regenerate damaged or aged tissues. After years of intensive research, Menard created the AUTHENT cream in 2009, a revolutionary cream that activates the division and multiplication of cells, and also stimulate the transformation and differentiation of these cells into active cells.

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These natural and active ingredients enable the stem cells and new cells to regenerate:

Extract of sweet cherry seeds – Activates the division of stem cells, thus helping to increase the number of new stem cells in dermis and epidermis.

Extract of boat sterculia seeds – Stimulates differentiation of stem cells into new active epidermal cells (keratinizing cells), which replace old cells and which, by comparison, have 500% more capacity to produce hydrating agents.

Extract of purple barley seeds – Stimulates differentiation of stem cells into new active dermal cells (fibroblasts) that replace old cells and which, by comparison, have 300% more capacity to produce collagen and elastin.

Menard also developed an exclusive system for delivering active ingredients, carrying them deep into the skin’s layers, through the epidermis right to the dermis, where they work directly on stem cells. The system has been named the Carrying Capsule System, guaranteeing maximum penetration.

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This year, Menard commemorates its 55th anniversary with the AUTHENT mask. Besides taking care of the face alone, Menard realized the importance of caring for the neck and décolleté as well. Hence, the AUTHENT mask comes in two pieces, covering the areas of the face and neck, as well as the décolleté.

Bamboo fungus extract

Menard’s AUTHENT mask comes with the same Carrying Capsule System as the AUTHENT cream, and uses the same active ingredients – extract of sweet cherry seeds, boat sterculia seed and of purple barley seed – to enable the stem cells and new epidermal as well as dermal cells to regenerate. Aside from that, the mask also contains bamboo fungus extract which helps to generate preadipocytes.


Wearing the AUTHENT mask tightly for 15 minutes raises penetration of ingredients up to 160% with the effect of sealing the ingredients in. It also replenishes moisture and improves elasticity of skin, revealing a firmer, softer and smoother complexion. It has a feminine fragrance of high-quality natural essential oil of roses, orange flowers, violets and ambrette seed oil.

Menard’s AUTHENT mask retails for RM250. It comes in two separate pieces for the face, neck and décolleté. Visit Menard’s website or Facebook page for more information on the AUTHENT mask.