More than just a hat trick!

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MAGIC!’s catchy, reggae-fusion inspired music has seen them win fans across the world, inspired by their bold, unique sound. The single ‘Rude’ has topped the charts in the US and UK, and has gone platinum seven times. The Nu Reggae act recently performed at the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale Show. The band took the crowd on a journey through their new album, ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’ before finishing off their set with their debut single ‘Rude’, which has clearly taken the world by storm!

The boys were kind enough to answer a few questions, check out the interview below!

Can you tell us how did Magic! came about?

Nasir: We were all already somewhat established musicians in our hour country and one day I met Mark and he wanted to get into song-writing. We all basically knew each other and one find day, we decided to make a band.

Why the name Magic!?

Nasir: It came from our song, Don’t kill the Magic!

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You blew the airwaves with Rude. How does one write a hit song?

Mark: That’s a difficult question
Nasir: It was like any other day in the studio. The guys were jamming about and then I started singing “Why you gotta be so rude.” You write from your experiences. We are all pretty driven and always creating music together.

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Mark: The Police, The Wailers and No Doubt. I can say they were our biggest influences.
Nasir: For me as a songwriter I’d have to say Stevie Wonder. I was 19 years old when I discovered his music. He became the nucleus for me as a writer. He has no rules so from then on, when it came to me writing a song, there were no rules.

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What does Magic! bring to the current music scene?

Alex: Organic is one way describing it
Ben: Yeah, its the organic sound that we bring the the table. Its live instruments, we play all of them and we write our own songs. Its just us four. Thats how we roll.
Nasir: And a little bit of reggae.

Describe magic in three word

Nasir: Cool, fun…Island. And probably Canadian. That’s four.
Alex: Canadian, organic, reggae

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So was the song “Rude” from a personal experience?

Nasir: No its just made up. Its the most weird anthem for every guys “father in law”

Tell us something about you guys that your fans don’t know about.

Nasir: We are very competitive as a band and always trying to out do each other.Not only in the studio but also at a buffet line. I think that brings out the best is us and it shows in our music.