Photo: Bustle
Photo: Bustle

Keeping up with new trends can be extremely overwhelming, and yet plenty of people around the world are constantly evolving beauty trends.

Want to know how much beauty has changed throughout the years? This YouTube video will show you 100 years of beauty in one minute.

In the video, a model is transformed by hair stylists and makeup artists into different looks over the span of 100 years. She travels through different styles of beauty from 1910 to 2010.

In 1910, she has bobbed curls and painted lips. Come the 40’s, her hair is elegantly coiffed and she has porcelain doll-like makeup. In 2010, she has loose beach waves and she’s snapping a selfie with her mobile phone, while pressing her lips together, putting on a duck face.

Let’s just say it becomes a lot less glam as we get closer to this decade’s imprint on beauty.

Sad, don’t you think?

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