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Ever wondered how most Japanese women stay lean and slim? Besides practicing a different lifestyle, their culture is also accustomed to healthier eating habits, which enable them to eat moderately with more natural and nutritious food options. If you want to make a change in your lives, here are seven eating habits of Japanese women you should take note of.

1. Using smaller dinnerware – The Japanese practice eating from small tapas-style dinnerware and when you use smaller plates and bowls, it’s easier to practice portion control with your food. You’ll also start consuming less as the smaller dinnerware tricks your mind into thinking that the amount of your food intake is as per usual.

Photo: The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries
Photo: The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

2. Drinking lots of green tea – Most Japanese people drink gallons of green tea daily. Not only does green tea lower risks of heart disease, it’s also loaded with antioxidants that can help to prevent aging, the occurrence of cancers and osteoporosis. Hence, try your best to drink one to three cups of green tea a day.

3. Indulging slowly – Here in Malaysia, we tend to gobble up our food hastily, whereas in Japan, they are taught to savor every bite and indulge patiently. For the reason that the brain takes at least 20 minutes to acknowledge fullness in the tummy, they end up eating less and are more satisfied whereas we are more likely to overeat and feel uneasy afterwards.

4. Eating less over-processed foods – Their main diet consists of rice, fish, vegetables and soy-based products daily. These foods are more natural and are in their simplest forms. Although they do snack and enjoy desserts,  they eat less of Western-type foods such as burgers, nuggets, fries and deep fried foods in general.

Photo: BubbleWS
Photo: BubbleWS

5. Having smaller portions of food – As mentioned earlier, the food in Japan is served in smaller plates and bowls instead of on one big plate. Sometimes, their meals include many tiny portions of dishes and condiments, and the Japanese take turns to have little tastes of everything. Serving smaller portions may also be one of the best kept secrets for losing weight and eating healthily.

6. Consuming foods that have little to no preservatives – Many foods sold in their supermarkets such as tofu will go bad within three days if not consumed by then. Some packet and canned drinks, for instance, will go bad within a week. Additionally, their diet, as mentioned earlier, also doesn’t contain much preservatives.


7. Eating more vegetables – The Japanese love their vegetables and find their meals more appealing when it’s pleasing to the eyes. To achieve this, they usually decorate their meals with plenty of brightly-colored vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, red bell peppers and beets. These vegetables contain more anthocyanins and are more nutritious to the body.

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