Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

H&M promoted its new sportswear line with a video of some of London’s most prolific freerunners to show just how amazing their collection is.

The fierce parkour video follows a group of parkour enthusiasts who run, jump and flip their way through the city of London in H&M’s sportswear collection, doing it effortlessly to an intense dubstep soundtrack.

This video is the perfect motivation to make you grab a few pieces at H&M for your upcoming workout session. Furthermore, watching just what these free runners can achieve, you know it’s the perfect kick in the behind for you to maintain your fitness goals of 2014 while looking good at the same time!

If you’re working out in your new H&M sports gear, don’t forget to snap a picture and use #HMSport2014 on your social media platforms!

Watch the video here:


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