Only one week to go before the Chinese New Year celebrations start, so have you planned out the outfits you’re going to be wearing to all the gatherings that you have to attend? Since you’ll be visiting a lot of homes, and you’ll be celebrating with different kinds of people, we’ve put together nine different looks to help you with your outfit choices. Whether it’s a reunion dinner, a casual brunch gathering or visiting your other half’s folks – here are our red-infused Chinese New Year outfit ideas!



Suitable for: Chinese New Year reunion dinner with your family.

Wear a modernized version of a cheongsam/traditional outfit, so both you and your grandparents will be happy. Remember to keep your entire look simple yet elegant.

Outfit: Dress Ezra on Zalora.com.my / Shoes Melissa / Handbag Giorgio Armani / Necklace Poh Kong Flourishing Pixiu pendant


Look-2Suitable for: Afternoon visits to friends’ or extended family’s open houses.

The weather might be hot, so keep your outfit light and airy. Flats will be better to walk in on days when you have a lot of visiting to do.

Outfit: Top H&M / Bottom Pull and Bear / Quilted bowling bag Mango / Flats Mango / Bracelets www.minimum30.com



Suitable for: Chinese New Year dinner and drinks with close friends.

With the more formal Chinese New Year reunion dinner with your family being behind you, your outfits for the rest of the two-week celebration can be more casual or smart-casual. This particular look is perfect for a dinner with your close friends at a nice restaurant, and it’s fancy enough for you to hit the cocktail bar after!

Outfit: Top Ezra Zalora.com.my / Jeans Mango / Bag Mulberry / Shoes Emporio Armani / Bracelet Pandora


Look-4Suitable for: Chinese New Year dinners with your big bosses or clients.

If there’s any work-related dinner that you have to attend, it’s best to not have a too sexy or revealing outfit. Give your ‘slightly more covered up’ look a bit more ‘oomph’ by highlighting other accessories, for example a studded clutch, beautifully detailed heels or a statement necklace.

Outfit: Top Mango / Pencil skirt H&M / Shoes Christy Ng / Clutch Mango / Necklace & earrings: www.totally-gone-viral.blogspot.com


Look5 Suitable for:  Casual visits to family members you’re not close with, or brunch gatherings.

During the festive season, you might have to do ‘courtesy visits’ to distant relatives’ homes, or attend casual gatherings among old classmates or friends. You wouldn’t need to put so much thought into your outfits though, so just stick with one key piece, for example detailed leggings or accessories.

Outfit: Blouse Mango / Pants H&M / Shoes Keds / Bracelet www.jujumilky.blogspot.com


Look-6Suitable for: Non-formal daytime gatherings with friends or colleagues.

Outfit: Top Mango / Bottom Mango / Waterfall cardigan Mango / Heels Christy Ng / Bag Carolina Herrera



Suitable for: Visiting family members, visiting your other half’s relatives.

Out of respect, you’d still have to drop by your aunts’ and uncles’ homes after the main reunion dinner, and if your other half insists on taking you to his extended family’s open houses, don’t fret! Flowy tops will ensure that you’ll get sufficient circulation (especially practical when you’re starting to feel nervous about topics like ‘When are you getting married?’), and get a charming bracelet or bag to complement your casual outfit.

Outfit: Top Pull and Bear / Bottom DKNY Jeans / Bracelet Poh Kong Auspicious Collection / Bag Ralph Lauren / Stiletto Mango


Look-8Suitable for: Celebrating Chinese New Year with your other half’s modern parents.

If your man’s parents are modern, then don’t worry about having to don a cheongsam. Instead, you can focus on having red accessories, showing that you’re still sticking to the customs. Having Year of the Horse symbols on your necklace or bracelets is also a stylish and modern option.

Outfit: Dress Pull and Bear / Heels XALF Swinging Shanghai collection / Clutch thirtyfour / Bracelet Ralph Lauren / Necklace Poh Kong Auspicious Collection


Look-9Suitable for: Chinese New Year lunch with your man’s family, meeting his grandparents.

If his grandparents will be around during your visit, or if it’s a proper Chinese New Year lunch with his not-so-modern parents, opt for one modernized version of a traditional item, for example this lace top with a mandarin collar. Keep your accessories simple and elegant – no loud or crazy details.

Outfit: Top Ezra Zalora.com.my / Skirt Mango / Shoes Melissa / Bag Helena Christensen for Kipling / Combi double bracelet Mango / Pearl bangles www.minimum30.com


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