When it comes to Malaysian star moms, the multi-talented Sazzy Falak is definitely one of the few standouts to top that list. Being a mother of two adorable three-year-old twin girls, Imaan and Tiara, Sazzy has successfully been able to juggle her beloved family and her hectic career all at once. We don’t know how she does it, but we got the opportunity to meet with the lovely lady during Dettol’s Detik-Detik Kasih event, which was held at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.


During the event, star moms Wardina Safiyyah, together with Sazzy Falak, had a little sharing session with the audience regarding motherhood, parenting, cleanliness and the health of their children. It was indeed a very heart-warming affair when the two opened up about their parenting methods and what they do to take care of their kids.

We also got the chance to sit down and have a little chat with Sazzy, so here’s what she had to say!

Q: How do you feel participating in Dettol’s Detik-Detik Kasih?

S: I feel great. It’s such a great learning experience when you get together with a bunch of mothers and you find different ways of how they raise their children, and really just sharing your thoughts and sharing experiences. I love campaigns like this because sometimes as a mom, you do your best, but when you have a community and get together, you remind and support each other as mothers. You learn stuff from them and you’re not alone, because sometimes as a mom you’re doing things and you feel like you’re all alone because you’re managing your children, your husband, your career, yourself. So, when you meet a bunch of people who are like-minded, going through the same things as you, it’s good to know that you’re not alone. It’s like you have a support system, it’s nice.

Q: With your twins, how do you juggle your life?

S: I have a maid obviously, because I’m a full-time working mother. It’s really just time management and I have priorities in life. Number one is God, number two is my husband, number three kids, number four is health, then comes career and business. So it all depends on which one comes first. It’s easy when I prioritize because it’s good to remember which one is the most important. It’s faith, family, then career. It all depends on what comes first.

Q: How’s your daily schedule like? What are you busy with?

S: Insane. It’s very different and it changes a lot. 2014 came and I’ve not had a day off. I’m hosting a TV show and I’ve got several gigs, annual dinners and campaigns going on. But I enjoyed myself in Bali with my family for New Year’s. So, for something like today, I asked if I can bring my children and they said yes, so I seized the opportunity and I brought my children along.


Q: How important is cleanliness to you and your family?

S: My mom brought me up in a very clean environment and at home, she was all about cleaning, so it’s not even a conscious thing to me, it’s something that I do naturally. I’m already used to it. In fact, I can’t get used to it when it’s dirty. It has to stay clean. That’s just my way of life already.

Q: How do you keep your home bacteria-free?

S: Well, sterilizing, that’s for one. We have a schedule with my maid, and everybody has to clean up after their mess at home. The girls are still young, but they know at the end of the day after they play with their toys, where to put them back. Things like that, and they love wiping. They see me do it, they see their grandmother do it all the time, so they got used to it. Like I said, monkey see monkey do, so they follow.

Q: Children are really curious and playful, so how do you keep them safe and healthy?

S: To keep them healthy is a challenge and people always say that kids will fall sick. When they fall sick, it’s just building up their immunity system so I’m okay with it. It’s just making sure that they are taken care of when they’re sick. I keep them safe and healthy by giving them the right food to eat and vitamins. It’s just really bringing them out and making sure they wash their hands before and after eating, coming home and washing their hands and washing their feet too. Ask any family, growing up, everyone had Dettol at home so I was one of those people. I have wet wipes all the time, especially since having kids. It’s always convenient for them to stay clean wherever we go.

Q: What are your future plans for your family? Any other children coming along?

S: Yes, of course. That would be in a few years time. I have twins, so I have allowance. I just want a healthy baby. At the end of the day, it’s all that matters, for the baby to be healthy.

Q: Do you have any tips for future mothers out there?

S: I would share something that my friend shared with me. So many people come up to me and give me advice, it gets borderline annoying, because everybody has their own ways and there’s no right or wrong. But one friend, came in and she didn’t even offer any advice and I was asking her for advice. She had three kids by that time and she just asked me to relax. I said thank you, because I needed that. Everyone is like you gotta do this, you gotta do that, and she said just relax, trust yourself. Chill. Just wing it, just do it.


The event also saw the winners of the Dettol Detik-Detik Kasih‘s Dettol Star Moms being awarded for participating in Dettol’s contest, which was running from 11 November till 22 December 2013.

In conjunction with Dettol’s Detik-Detik Kasih campaign, Dettol wishes to continue to empower mothers and to remind families the importance of keeping a clean household and adhering to good hygiene practices as part of the essentials to a happier and healthier family.

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