Photo: Beyoncé

The ‘bootylicious’ Grammy Award superstar, Beyoncé, recently shared a series of photos from her recent vacation on her personal Tumblr page. As per usual, her pictures exude a sense of cuteness and coolness with a little help from her daughter Blue Ivy and hubby Jay Z.

Photo: Blue Ivy

The 32-year-old singer shared pictures from her recent trip to Jamaica. The proud mama posted one adorable shot of her sweet little girl sitting on the beach while wearing a bright red swimsuit as she plays in the sand.

Photo: Powder Blue Bikini

In this photo, Queen Bey sports numerous gold body chains and a powder-blue bikini, adding a patterned sarong and a bright red lip for that extra pop!

Photo: Jay Z

Her rapper hubby, on the other hand, is sporting his signature Tom Ford jersey, in which the famed designer is now reportedly retailing for $6,500 for his own knock-off.

Photo: His and Hers

Last but not least, a shot of their matching Ray Bans. Aren’t they the cutest?

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