Photo: A10 Cyclone Standalone

It’s not everyday that you come across a home appliance with the functions of sexual satisfaction. The Cyclone Standalone is the Dyson vacuum cleaner of sex appliances. Though the new A10 Cyclone Standalone  isn’t marketed as a sex toy, but the adult toys brand Vorze is calling it the world’s first “sexual home appliance” with hopes that it’ll show up in electronics shops. 

Photo: A10 Cyclone Standalone

How does it work? It’s bluetooth enabled and you can share your speed and rotation settings with your friends online. Vorze hopes that one day, adult entertainment companies will release Cyclone data to go with their films. As far as new-age sex “appliances” go, though, this hardware has plenty of bells and whistles, Kotaku reports. For all you guys who needs that extra ‘touch’ around the household, this awesome invention costs only USD300.


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