Dance your feelings and emotions away!
Photo: Daily Mail
Photo: Daily Mail
Divorce parties may not have caught on entirely in Singapore and Malaysia, but they gone on a mass market in America! One party planner there said that her divorce party business has tripled since 2003.

Party planner Glynda Rhodes who has a website called Divorce Party Planner, said: “There are celebrations for everything. Why not celebrate ‘I made it through, I survived’?” on Fox News.

She has planned divorce parties, which start at US$1,000 (RM3,270) and can go up to US$5,000 (RM16,352).

In Japan, there is their own version of a divorce party. Couples dress up in their wedding gowns and use a hammer to smash their wedding rings.

Three out of five party planner in Singapore told The New Paper that most of their clients are working women in their 30s. Business Manager of Happy Moments, Sally Woon, said the parties held in Singapore are tamer than those in America. In Singapore, packages start from $1000 (RM2,585) for a party of four, which includes a selection of hors d’oeuvre and a bottle of wine.

Extravagant extras that pushes up the coast include hiring strippers and models to role-play for clients. Richard Lim, a psychologist said such parties can be therapeutic for the newly divorced.

“It allows for closure and can help them turn the corner. They are given the chance to break down freely in the presence of their loved ones, like family and friends,” he said. “It’s like a cleansing ritual of comfort and company, and you know life starts in a new phase after that.”


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