Photo: via Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a cosy place that serves predominately whisky based cocktails? Toastina Café & Bar has just that! A bright and cheery atmosphere greets you as you walk into Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur’s deli-styled café. Orange walls and wooden panel flooring reflect the warmth of this inviting café, enhanced by the orange bar stools and dark chocolate mosaic counter. Huge oversized lamps hanging from the ceiling further cast a pleasant glow to the ambience.

Photo: via Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

The bar features 18 varieties of whiskeys, various selections of imported beers and wines from Starwood’s Wines of the World menu from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Spain, to name but a few. We had a chance to review a couple of their signature whisky based cocktails and boy, was it good!

Photo: via Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Campari Punch

Photo: via Edward Ong

We started off the night with our appetiser cocktail, the Campari Punch – a concoction of Campari, Cointreau, orange and pineapple juice. With every sip, hints of bitter orange blends extremely well with the sweetness of the pineapple juice and a slight buzz from the alcohol brings it all together.

Vanilla Bourbon

Photo: via Edward Ong

If you’re a whisky drinker then this would be something you want to try out. The Vanilla Bourbon is a mixture of bourbon, vanilla syrup and Angostura bitters. Don’t worry it’s not sweet, the vanilla syrup adds an aromatic dimension to the bourbon. Great drink to have after dinner.

Black Circuit

We saved the best for last! Toastina’s signature cocktail, the Black Circuit – a concoction of scotch whiskey, peach schnapps, Blue Curaçao, grenadine topped off with Sprite. The drink is easy on the palate with hints of fruity flavours.


While having your drinks, try out their sinfully delicious cakes and savoury snacks! And, the good news for all those who have sweet tooth, is that all these yummy pastries go on a 50% discount 5pm to 7pm daily.

Photo: via Edward Ong
Photo: via Edward Ong
Photo: via Edward Ong

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