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Not really one with a sweet tooth, I have always had a soft spot for ice cream. Though I can be rather traditional when it comes to ice cream flavours, the rise in new ice cream artisans who are experimenting with new flavours have definitely sparked my curiosity!

Here is a list of new ice cream artisans with weird but really good flavours that makes this childhood treat special again.

Photo via The Last Polka on Facebook
Photo via The Last Polka on Facebook

The Last Polka: Salted Gula Melaka

Made with 100% natural ingredients, The Last Polka combines French-style ice cream with regional Asian flavours that we love most. Available at Artisan Coffee Bar, The Bee, Fierce Curry House and Ril’s Steakhouse amongst other places, The Last Polka serves some of the best homemade ice cream in Kuala Lumpur. A personal favourite is definitely the Salted Gula Melaka ice cream.


Forty Licks: Bandung and Popcorn

Forty Licks, inspired by The Rolling Stones hit CD — yes, the one with the stuck-out tongue and no, not Miley Cyrus, takes pride in making its ice cream by hand in small batches. Made with no additives nor preservatives, almost all of Forty Licks’ ice cream is made with honey with the least amount of sugar possible. Flavours that stand out are The Early Grey and The Roasted White Chocolate with Lavender.

Photo via Cielo Dolci on Facebook
Photo via Cielo Dolci on Facebook

Cielo Dolci: Banana Parsley and Choc + Cili Padi

Pronounced at “Ceh-lo dol-chee” which means heaven’s dessert in Italian, Cielo Dolci specialises in frozen desserts. Living up to its name, Cielo Dolci is based in Paradigm Mall and serves all-natural gelato by resident gelato specialist Ong Kee Win who creates gelato using fresh ingredients that only lasts up from three to five days on average. Its unique weekly specials include locally sustainable flavours such as Banana Parsley and Choc + Cili Padi. Sounds strange right?

Photo via The Potong on Facebook
Photo via The Potong on Facebook

The Potong: Strawberry Pepper

The Potong, founded by a trio of friends — Tee Reei Toh, Victor Tee and Ivan Lee studied gelato and sorbet making at the Carpigiani Gelato University based in Bologna, Italy. With the use of whole fruits — juice, rind and pulp, The Potong’s popsicles are denser and have fresher flavours. A must-try is the Strawberry Pepper that’s made with fresh strawberry puree and Sarawakian pepper that adds a spicy kick to a sweet, fruity pop.

Photo via Frut-T Pop
Photo via Frut-T-Pop

Frut-T-Pop: Pineapple & Mandarin

Based in Sri Hartamas, Frut-T-Pop was founded by Giselda Parkin who wanted to create healthy treats for her children and other kids. Preservative, gluten and dairy-free, the fruit-based popsicles are bright, colourful and extremely delicious! Pairings such as Pineapple & Mandarin, Lemon & Passionfruit and Drangonfruit & Red Grape are to die for.

Fatbaby official facebook
Photo via Fatbaby on Facebook

Fatbaby: Coconut Candy and Cornflakes

Founded in March 2013 by an actuary turned ice cream maker, Fatbaby has the usual ice cream flavours as well as childhood favorites such as Coconut Candy. Can you imagine that? Malaysia’s old school candy just got sweeter! Oh, and if you love cornflakes as an ice cream topping, you can now have it in a tub with Fatbaby’s Cornflakes ice cream. We dare you to have it for breakfast! Be sure to try other Fatbaby flavours such as Apple Crumble and Peanut Butter & Fudge.

Enjoy any of these yummy treats on a hot day and let us know which one your favourite is!

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