Photo: Ballerina
Photo: Ballerina

Who needs to wear sexy designer perfume when you can now seduce men with hosiery?

Thanks to hosiery brand Ballerina, you’ll soon be able to lure him in with the scent of your tights!

The European company has launched the Hush Hush range, which includes bridal hosiery, stockings and tights laced with pheromones – the chemicals we emit that drive men absolutely crazy.

Currently, only the hold-ups are available from the website, but this might just be the answer to pinning down your dream man, as they send out subconscious sex signals to other human beings.

Thankfully, the hosiery only contains a synthetic version of the chemical, which is way more hygienic considering we usually emit them from our sweat glands.

Go ahead! Snap them up and start planning on how you’re going to pounce!

Would you invest in this hosiery? 😉


Carmen Chong
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