Photo: Neyeni
Photo: Neyeni

Does this popsicle look like a rocket or a penis? Yeah, we know.

This brand new popsicle from Swedish ice cream company GB Glace is made just for you and your perverted little mind.

Like all popsicles, X-Pop is a phallic-looking treat. But, the creamy sherbet-filled tip explodes in your mouth once you bite into it and we should all agree that this oozing rainbow pop is a special kind of sucker.

Well, GB Glace wanted to clarify that there’s no connection between the ice pop and a penis. But, we all know that’s not what would go through people’s minds. Have they seen their product?!

Instead, they claim it’s a rocket. Besides denying the resemblance, what makes things worse is that this rocket-penis that’s guaranteed to blast off is being marketed to children.

Best of luck to all the parents in Sweden!

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Jewlicious
Photo: Jewlicious

What do you think of this penis-shaped popsicle? 😉


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