Girls, we’ve all heard about the Brazilian but despite its popularity, I can vouch that many of you out there have yet to experience it.

Some of my girl pals have said that they are afraid of the pain while others just can’t get past the fact that you’ll be naked waist down. Whatever your reason is, you’ve got to try it at least once (like before you go on a beach holiday!) and there’s no better place to get it done than STRIP if you’re a wax virgin.

Having just opened their sixth outlet in KLCC, you’ll find a STRIP wax parlour in the following areas in Malaysia – Solaris Dutamas, Bangsar, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and Penang. That’s a pretty huge deal and it just goes to show that they indeed have a massive following and chances are, if you’ve tried it, there’s a high probability you’ll be booking your second appointment.

Each STRIP outlet is unique and different in its own way and the themes are often fun and easy on the eyes. The brand’s latest KLCC outlet is pretty in pink with accents of sophisticated black, nestled in the corner of the 4th floor. I really like the cosy corner they chose and while it’s not exactly huge, it’s a good, comfortable size that won’t intimidate first timers.

STRIP KLCC - Interior waiting area

There are four comfortable treatment rooms in STRIP KLCC, just enough to accommodate you, your wax expert and all your waxing and IPL rituals.

STRIP KLCC - Treatment Room

So what exactly happens during a Brazilian wax session?

First, you’ll be shown to your treatment room and you’ll be asked to remove your garments and undergarments from the waist down and lie on the bed. After a few minutes or so, the waxpert will enter the room and so begins your session!

She will ask you routine questions such as, is this your first time waxing before she starts applying the hot wax.

At STRIP, their iconic product is none other than the berry chocolate hard wax, a sweet-smelling, good enough to eat wax that hardens on the surface of your skin in just a few seconds. According to their official website, STRIP’s signature berry chocolate hard wax is a customised wax formula that lessens pain and is created at a low melting point for a fast and effective wax. Once the wax hardens on your skin, your waxpert will pull it off your skin against the direction of hair growth. STRIP also has a range of top notch pre and post-wax products and we definitely recommend the Peace ampoule after your Brazilian session as this will soothe and calm the area. I’ve tried it twice and it really makes a difference!

What comes after is 24 hours of no swimming, exercise, tight clothes and hot baths/showers to avoid the area getting infected. Trust me, you will love the clean, smooth feeling after each wax session. Typically, most people will go back for their next session between 3-6 weeks, depending on hair regrowth.

STRIP KLCC - Interior

STRIP KLCC is open daily from 10am-10pm. For more details, head on to or call 03-2181 5579 to make an appointment.

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