Would you pay to go out with this granny right here?

Photo: via arcaajans.com

Most women at the age of 85 would be seen with people their age at a bingo club or at home with the family. But that’s not that case for this  85-year-old grandmother, who is a full-time prostitute but she prefers the term escort.

Meet Britain’s oldest prostitute, Sheila Vogel-Coupe who does not, in fact, consider herself a prostitute. Her rate is 250 pounds per hour, and this grandmother has been at it for about four years now.

Vogel-Coupe started escorting after the death of her second husband. She has turned to escorting to combat her loneliness. Her family was not too happy to learn the news, but it didn’t end there. The press had a literal field day with this story, as her granddaughter, Katie Waissel, was already in the public eye as a contestant on “The X Factor.”

What would you do if that was your grandmother?


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