Why Single Is Sometimes Better

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Nowadays, it seems like every time you log on to Facebook, every body is either getting engaged, married or having a baby. Heck, some of your friends may have had 5 babies already! Of course, you want to be happy for them all. You care for your friends and want nothing more than to be happy while they celebrate what is probably the happiest days of their lives, and also if you weren’t please, it would seem like you’re a horrible human being.

But what about those that are happy and single? How come there is no celebration for the ones who are completely content living their life the way they chose to? It’s not better or worse either way, but perhaps a lot of people have overlooked the fact that being single doesn’t necessarily mean someone is unhappy . They also most certainly deserve just as much “news feed” space as those with rings and babies!

Here are the reasons why we think single is sometimes better:

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You get to focus on you, yourself and yours
Let’s face it, being in a relationship or having babies require a lot of time and money. When single, you get to invest your money and time in all the things that you never had time for when you were attached. You can take up a new sport, spend more time doing yoga, finally read past chapter 2 in that book you bought, and the list goes on. Get out of the house and do something that will benefit yourself.

Spend time with whoever and whatever
When two people are together, one may get jealous when the other spends time with the opposite sex. This happens when that person in the relationship has trust issues or aren’t that comfortable in their own skin. But when unattached, you get to go the movies with your guy friends without having to worry about how your partner feels. And that is a sense of freedom that relationships just cannot buy.

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Go on dates with Tom, Dick and Harry
No, we aren’t suggesting that you take your clothes off for every dude that wants it, but being single allows you to go on those short, and sometimes disastrous dates. If it goes well, then maybe try for another casual date. If it turns sour, then go for a drink with your girls and laugh about it. Point is, everything is casual and dating can be fun.

Play the field
No, it’s not slutty. It’s healthy and totally okay when you’re single. Remember that quote, “To get over someone, you have to get under someone.” Just be safe!

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Time for your thumbs to relax
Do you realise how much time and energy goes into being on your phone when you’re in a relationship? We’re not saying that all couples are constantly yapping away on the phone and texting all day long, but collectively relationships do suck up plenty amount of time. Think of what you can accomplish when you’re not busy checking if he has read the last text you sent him?

No woman, no cry
We’re such sensitive creatures and sometimes when being in a toxic relationship, all you can do is feel upset and cry about the slightest thing. Well, we think that the only crying you should be doing is during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy ‘cos let’s face it, that Shonda Rhimes lady sure does know how to create a tearjerking show! Leave the drama to your favourite TV series, not relationships.

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Endless opportunities can be taken
Sometimes when in a relationship, your mindset can be the complete opposite of what it might be when you’re single.  When an opportunity comes along, you have to think how it can benefit you and will it be better for your life. At times we reject these chances because we’re attached, but being single means you don’t have to think twice about it.

You get to spend more quality time with your best friend
It doesn’t necessarily have to be a best friend, but it could be a group of your girl friends that you may have neglected on spending time with when you were too busy being in love. It’s totally natural to want to shack up with your partner and do absolutely nothing but each other… wait, what? But when you’re single you get to spend time with your friends and maybe even go on a spontaneous road trip!

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Say goodbye to monitoring somebody else’s social network
Everybody does it, and if you say you don’t, you do! Do you know how exhausting that can get? Unfortunately, most of us feel this raging need to monitor what our partners have liked or commented on Facebook, Instagram and such. Being single means you can just mind your own news feed!

Falling in love all over again…
If things didn’t work out with someone and you’re completely devastated, please don’t lose hope just yet. Fate has a way of turning things around and once you spend some time with yourself, you’ll come to understand that things happen for a reason. If you fell out of love, don’t worry, because when you meet the right person, nothing will be as great as getting to know that guy and falling in love all over again.

Please note that this article is simply an opinion piece. The author is not saying that everybody should be single but just stating that one should be happy with whatever “status” you are currently in. 

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