Size does matter when it comes to one night stands, according to a new study, but not in a way you would expect.

Women desire for men with a wider manhood for a casual fling, the research from UCLA found, while the preferred length stayed the same.

But if you’re a little lacking in the manhood department, it isn’t all bad news – females are more likely to prefer something thinner when they are choosing a long-term partner.

These results were obtained by 41 women who were asked to examine some penis models and choose a favourite.

Model penises were made on a 3D printer ranging in sizes from: 4-8.5 inches

For the experiment, 33 different sized phalluses were made on a 3D printer and the women were asked to choose which one they’d prefer.

They ranged in length and girth, with the smallest one measuring only four inches with a circumference of two and half inches.

On the other end of the scale was an eight and a half inch phallus, which was seven inches in circumference.

When it came to one night stands, the models with the biggest girths were selected by the women.

Preferred average penis size: 6 1/2 inches

Length pretty much remained the same, with the women preferring a six and half inch penis on average for one night stands and relationships.

Researchers said: “They preferred larger-girth (but not longer-length) models for one-time partners than for longer-term partners.

“Women’s sexual selection may help explain why human penises are unusually thick compared to other primates.”

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