Now its not everyday you hear a naked woman buys a sandwich at a service station.

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We don’t know about you, but if we saw a naked woman buying a sandwich we would definitely give her a second and third glance that’s for sure. However that wasn’t the case in city of Krakow, southern Poland, the moment a naked woman bought her lunch in a crowded shop, nobody gave her a second glance.

Customer Cezar Zawadzki, 34, filmed the whole incident on his mobile phone.

The shocked motorist first noticed he had been filling his car petrol when he saw the young woman completely naked walking towards the garage, and then stopping at the ice-cold drinks cabinet.

He said: “I went inside to tell staff but the woman seemed to think I was mad and ignored me, and then I realised she was coming into pay so I grabbed my mobile phone.

“She completely ignored me and she didn’t seem drunk or on drugs, she just stood patiently waiting in the queue to be served so that she could pay for her drink and a sandwich.

“It was pretty hot, I reckon it was well over 30 degrees outside, but what surprised me most was not so much the nudity as the way everybody treated it is perfectly normal.

“The sales assistant served as if nothing was happening, and the blokes in the petrol station be much ignored her, they didn’t even sneak a crafty look. It was a really surreal experience.

“After she paid she just left the shop and back of down the road as if it was the most normal thing in the world.”


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