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Photo: Flickr

Oh no!

The iconic drive-in home to all of our favourite rootbeer floats, waffles with ice cream, curly fries and onion rings is apparently closing down in December this year.

As Malaysians, all of us would probably have had childhood memories of dining at A&W Restaurants, especially at the first drive-in restaurant in Petaling Jaya which opened its doors in 1965, but this home of ours would be shutting its doors very soon!

It is reported that the company will close 34 A&W outlets (24 in Malaysia and 10 in Thailand) to reposition its business and operations to achieve sustainable growth, and this 24-hour A&W drive-in is apparently one of the outlets.

Only outlets that bring in heavy traffic based on the increase in sales will be retained.

What a bummer! 🙁

P.S. – Facebook user, Dila Ariff, has come up with a Facebook page titled “Save Iconic A&W“, so if you’d like to show your support and hopefully, try save this A&W outlet, visit the page now!

UPDATE – According to this report, the plot of land where the A&W outlet currently is has already been sold by the company, KUB Malaysia Bhd, to make way for two new office towers with 10 floors and 15 floors respectively. NOOOO! </3

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