Here in Malaysia, we’re lucky to have summer all year long. But it would be better if we had a massive Slip ‘N Slide down a long street for us to surf on.


Recently a video was shot by Devin Super Tramp and Bear Naked Granola, where we see urbanites in San Francisco successfully setting up a Slip ‘N Slide right in the middle of the street. If there is one thing we could be doing during this hot weather, it would probably be this.

A nearby fire hydrant was used as water supply and some even used skateboards for that extra speed when going down the massive water slide.

Who cares for a beach trip that’s miles away when you can do this awesome thing right in the comfort of your own city?

Check out the awesome video below for the fun that comes with a giant Slip ‘N Slide!

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Emma Mallaburn
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